Xenosine, a project by Melbourne based artist Vijay Thillaimuthu, is centred on the manifestation of sound in the visual medium. Concerned with the exposition of electronic sound synthesis through visualisation, Xenosine provides all encompassing multi-sensory works & live experiences driven by heavy rhythmic progression by means of modular synthesiser & theremin controller.

xenosine studiosThe project premiere in 2008 took place in a disused prison built in the mid 1800’s. A performance was then commissioned for the Melbourne International Film Festival. This work was highlighted in the Age Newspaper, “Musician and filmmaker Vijay Thillaimuthu is working right in the analog space of defunct technologies”. Following this Vijay Thillaimuthu collaborated with leading audio-visual artist Robin Fox before going on to support Clark of Warp Records and performing at nearly every major experimental festival in Australia, including from inside a retired warship for the Brisbane Otherfilm Festival. Invited to the Convergence residency in Banff, Canada in 2016, Xenosine appeared amongst electronic music heavyweights Keith Fullerton Whitman, Atom TM & Dasha Rush. Among other projects, work has now begun on a synthesiser control system utilising a state of the art brain imaging interface at the Bionics Institute.